Wooden Hair Claws

How To

            Instructions and Videos! 

Traditional Bun: Twist hair into bun and insert claw into side of bun at a 50 degree angle. Push down to head, then begin to angle up and wiggle through the other side of the bun.


Half Back: Pull half of hair back, then twist into a small bun or if your hair is long enough, tie into loose knot and secure it with hair claw the same way you would the bun above.  



Figure Eight: Twist hair into tight bun, then flip top layer of bun up to top of head, insert claw into top right of 8, hook some hair on head, then wiggle it down through center of eight, keep claw close to head while wiggling down. Make sure to catch some of the bottom of8.



Upside Down Twist: this can be done by twisting hair counter clockwise leaving tail to hang down. Use the same method to secure as French twist.

French Twist: Twist hair clockwise 3-4 times, then bring up to top of head. Tuck ends under twist. Hold hair claw upside down or beads forward and hook roll side of twist. Keep going about ½ in and hook some hair on head, then flip and wiggle claw down through twist. You can leave ends out to fall over the twist if desired. 


Ponytail: Take a small selection of hair from the bottom. Wrap selection around remaining hair  into a ponytail. Take your hair claw and stick it into the twist (north) then flip the claw (south) to secure a tight hold that will last all day.


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