Wooden Hair Claws

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Hair Claws are unique hair forks that work quick and easy to put your hair up with style and ease.  There is no other hair fork with such a great design.                                     
                Each Hair Claw has a unique curve that allows for a tight hold 

                      Small - 4 1/2"        Medium - 5 1/2"       Large - 6"
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We craft Hairclaws in many different sizes, designs and exotic woods. Because each hair stick is handmade, each is one-of-a-kind and is a wearable piece of art! We make certain to sand our hair forks to a smooth finish
 so it will not get caught in your hair as some others you may have tried. My daughters and I wear our Hairclaws daily and know the importance of a smooth and sturdy wooden hair fork. The curvature and texture of the wood makes HairClaws able to manage almost any hair, from the baby-fine to immensely-thick. Also dont forget to visit our How To page or YouTube to view videos and instructions!  Check out my instagram page for pictures www.instagram.com/woodenhairclaws

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